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Houston, TX 77092

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David Willard's 'Four Corners'

Zoom in on David Willard's "Four Corners" at the Antique Center of Texas. In this one of numerous loaded-down display cases you will find, among other interesting artifacts, vintage western- and military-edged weapons and antique firearms. There's more! Visit David's four corners of antiques and collectibles on the aisle C intersecting at aisle 12 of ACT!

Farah's Antiques & Restoration

Farah's message gets to the point: she restores all kinds of your broken treasures, including all major lines of porcelain, pottery, marble, jade, tapestry. This includes but is not limited to Meissen, Dresden, Satsuma, Derby, Boehm . . . well, we could name it all but - if it's broken - you bring it in to Farah in pieces and she'll add her expertise and you'll take home a treasured piece that looks practically brand new. Come see Farah Haydon at Thompson's Antique Center of Texas.



This new section is contributed by Tom Kennedy.

We will be featuring various dealer booths from through-out the building.


Emmy Lu's Antiques

Emmy Lu's was established at the Antique Center of Texas by George and Emily Rice in 1999. Find it on the main aisle near the 18th Street/Hwy. 290 door. George has fully repaired and restored all furniture sold at Emmy Lu's to ensure it will serve you well for generations to come. "We specialize in small to medium size furniture from England - although we occasionally feature select pieces from France. Our items can be the featured piece in an apartment or smaller home - or it could be a wonderful accent piece in larger residence."

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See George Vogt in the Boot Booth

Dr. George Vogt, noted veterinarian, hunter, hunting guide and collector, has amassed a vast array of new and vintage cowboy boots in his Aisle 1 booth at the Antique Center of Texas. He has a varied supply of collectibles, including classic mounts fit for a wall anywhere in your home. Recently, he has expanded his supply of boots and - yes! - has more than 500 pair, men's and women's, in all sizes. That's why he calls his classic outfit "the Boot Booth." Drop by to see him!


Fiery Sparkles Estate Jewelry

This sparkling corner of Thompson's Antique Center of Texas brims with unique estate bracelets, rings, necklaces and all that glows. Another term characterizes all that glitters in this place, which is open every hour the Center operates.


Generally, you will find Antonio - he with the magnifier properly positioned to repair the exquisite pieces, no matter how minute and precious. Another specialty of this fabulous house of sparkles - custom jewelry made to your precise specifications!


Louis Whitaker's River Hollow Antiques

Louis Whitaker has loved collecting coins for too many years to remember. For the past 20 years he's expanded what was once a hobby into River Hollow Antiques on the main aisle of Thompson's Antique Center of Texas. Louis buys and sells all U. S. coins and paper money (and some foreign). You can easily find his booth but please note: "I'll buy your coins by appointment." Call the Antique Center or stop by his booth and retrieve his business card.

Dealer Phonto

Past & Present Military Collectibles

Stop by Thompson's Antique Center of Texas and look for the ex-Marine who has a vast array of military gear. Jim Acker is the man to ask for. We're talking not just Marine gear but "good stuff" from every U.S. Military Service. He BUYS and SELLS. Come to the Center and look for the area down Aisle 7 where large model airplanes (American, of course) appear to be coming in for  landing!

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Eclectique Décor

Go down the main aisle at Thompson's Antique Center of Texas and look for the Aisle 7 "crossroads" and, well, you have to look on the Southeast side of this great intersection of collectibles.  You will find early century and mid-century glassware and everything in between in the collectible realm of fine crystal, carnival and depression glass and other glassware, not to mention McCoy pottery. Ask for Ken and Ana and they'll guide you from one century to another -- and in the middle too.


Worldly Wares by the Nomad Traders

Go down the primary corridor of Thompson's Antique Center of Texas and turn south on Aisle 1. At the end on the left you will see - who is that? - why it's none other than the Blues Brothers! Or is it really Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi dressed in their blues garb and appearing as life-sized statues. Well, yes, it is - and you can take both of them home. Houston businessman Mike Steinmann owns and operates this unique booth and he doesn't just have the blues; he has Texas and Western memorabilia, fine quality mounts and French commodes from as early as 1874. Come by and check out these worldly wares!

Nomad-Traders Ali

Ali Oriental Rugs

Among the one-call-does-all booths at Thompson's Antique Center of Texas is Ali Oriental Rugs, located down the main aisle and the corner of Aisle 11.  


Ali not only sells hand made rugs from Persia, India, Paki and Turkey - among many other locales - but he also does expert repairs, spot cleaning and stain repair. Oh, and there are so many rugs to choose from. These rugs come in all sizes that "fit in any area".

Harry Taylor

Just inside the Hempstead door and down the main aisle on the left you will find the right time. The hands on all the clocks - from brand spanking new to those from previous centuries - all are on the numbers that reveal the correct time. Harry Taylor, the proprietor of this timely operation, has the nationally recognized certifications to go with his 27 years of experience to repair any clock under the sun - including sundials! Call the Center to make an appointment with Harry!


Tradewinds Collectibles

Those friendly tradewinds are always blowing gently down the main aisle of Thompson's Antique Center of Texas where veteran collector and dealer Bill Saville and his wife Liz have a great selection of Native American and Western collectibles as well as primitive, military, historical and advertising items for your collection. This great trader is willing and able to make a deal you'll love. His booth is at the intersection of the Center's main thoroughfare and Aisle 6.

You might argue but Chad has the greatest collection of genuine nostalgia - all of it for sale! - over approximately a half acre inside Thompson's Antique Center of Texas. Oh, it might not "walk like a half acre" but unquestionably the vast number of show cases and walls in "Chad's Booth" have a great selection of advertising signs, military memorabilia from practically any military event in American history, wind-up toys from earlier eras, old guns, Native American artifacts and jewelry. Well, you name it and Chad has it. And he gives discounts! Go down the main aisle of Antique Center. You can't miss Chad's Booth.

Chad Eubanks


Kevin McLaughlin embodies the entrepreneurial spirit like few others in a diversified collectibles business that ranges from vintage antiques of all ilks, colors and ages to modern-day interests from each and every collectible field. His interests and offerings are so varied the list covers a full page, single-spaced and double-columned. It would be easier to list what he DOESN'T offer to incoming customers. He will tell you he's a fast mover in a wheelchair he considers "an extension of me that I'm not sensitive about." Look for the booths with a diversified selection of collectibles at great prices.

KAM Endeavors

KAM Endeavors 1

Ron Schwartz is the pen man of Thompson's Antique Center of Texas. He buys, sells, trades and repairs pens from olden days and knows by heart the brand of the refill needed when you run out of ink in your modern-day writing utensil. He especially likes the Parker offerings from yesteryear and today. But that's not all. Ron has an eclectic line of antiques and collectibles and just started a 50 percent off sale on his light fixtures. He loves Antique Center and it shows - for he's the Center's leading promoter and advocate. He makes the point .

With Ron Schwartz You Get the Point!

Mack McKinney's Booths at ACT

Mack McKinney started collecting in the second grade; there were comic books, pocket knives and toys of all sorts. He still collects and now he also sells. Mack has guy stuff, ladies' collectibles and items for the kiddos, all at four locations at Thompson's Antique Center of Texas. Look for his booths on Aisle B (the booth across from the ladies room) and the one near the old mall entrance. Oh, and see the booth with vintage Christmas collectibles on Aisle 8F. Just ask for the only "Mack" at the Center.